Insurance backed guarantee

If your property has Japanese Knotweed, we will offer a 10 year Insurance Backed Guarantee.

Southwest Knotweed provides a Japanese Knotweed guarantee that you can trust and rely on.

Our Insurance Backed Guarantee for homeowners, is recognised by mortgage companies / solicitors, (whether you are buying or selling a property), in the knowledge that the Japanese Knotweed is guaranteed to be dealt with by a professional PCA company.

Southwest knotweed Guarantee Explained

Our Japanese Knotweed guarantee is designed purely for the invasive weed sector and is unique within this:

  • Approved by the Invasive Weed Group of the Property Care Association (PCA)
  • Recognised by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).  
  • Comes as an option with all our Japanese Knotweed treatments.
  • Our cover begins the day the treatment commences.

In short – our guarantee offers ‘complete peace of mind’ that your knotweed problem has been solved!

Additional Insurance Backing

Southwest Knotweed use two different providers of Insurance Backed Guarantees, GPI and Peacock Insurance Services

Peacock & GPI are a general insurer authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and insurance backing means that in the unlikely event that Southwest Knotweed stopped trading, your Japanese Knotweed guarantee policy would continue to be in place and covered by a professional contractor, working to the Property Care Association code of practice. This policy of insurance can also be passed from home-owner to home-owner with no extra cost.

Why is an Insurance Backed Guarantee important?

Japanese Knotweed is a very difficult plant to control, the rhizomes of this plant extend very deep under ground and can cause damage if growing close to buildings, walls, utility pipes and will exploit any weakness if not treated correctly.  

Our guarantee will ensure that if growth is recorded after the initial treatment programme, Southwest Knotweed will carry on treating the infected area until the plant stops producing growth.