Frequently Asked Questions

Is Japanese Knotweed Poisonous?

No. You can actually eat it. It tastes like a lemony rhubarb and is starting to appear on trendy restaurant menus!

My neighbour has Knotweed in their garden and I’m afraid of it coming to mine. What can I do?

The landowner has a duty of care to stop it spreading to your property. However, resorting to law is often counter productive in our experience. Best to have a friendly word, pointing out the obvious advantages of having it dealt with. Give them our number and we can advise.

Can the sale of my house fall through because Knotweed is in my garden?

Unfortunately, yes, sometimes even if it is not on your land but on neighbouring land.

Will pulling it out weaken and then kill it like Bindweed?

No, It will make matters worse, as small pieces of rhizome will break off and start new growth. They were doing this for many years at Buckingham Palace and the Knotweed still came back.

I have cut it down, can I compost it?

Please don’t. Composting will not kill Japanese Knotweed and if you then use that medium, you will have a whole new generation of monsters.
Many people try and then usually end up calling in a specialist. Botched attempts often result in deformed plants with no leaf growth that then are even harder to kill. It is an incredibly hard weed to destroy. The right doses of professional product at exactly the right time of year in the right weather conditions and with the proper tools by someone qualified and experienced gets the job done.

Why do you inject the plant?

This technique is particularly useful as all the chemical is kept within the confines of the stem and therefore no other plants are damaged/killed by the process.

Are the chemicals you use safe?

Yes both to humans and pets, although one is prohibited in certain situations and would only be used under the correct circumstances. This is why a site visit is essential.

How do I know that the treatments have worked?

Unless you were to dig out every last cm of rhizome and have it lab tested, you cannot be 100% certain. However, a sure sign is if it doesn’t come back. We have treated many private homes and business spaces, where there has still been no regrowth several years later. Not one of our customers has come back to us saying the treatment course hasn’t worked.

What if it did come back?

We have a warranty available whereby we would re-treat free of charge as many times as necessary. This may be useful if you are selling your property and the new owner needs assurances.

I am sure I have Knotweed but mine doesn’t look anything like I have seen on the web, how can I tell?

There are many types of Knotweed, some have much larger or heart shaped leaves, some are smaller, almost bonsai. We can come and view for you or just send us a photo.

What is the cost of treating Knotweed?

Each situation is unique but we will give you a firm competitive quote within a few days of the site visit. We have consistently given the lowest quotes in the industry since our formation.